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About Cocker Spaniels

We have lots of room for our dogs to exercise and they are protected by our Bio Secure facility plan and process.
My wife and I grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma, where we were childhood friends and high school sweethearts and, of course, we had our Cocker Spaniels. In looking back we have had Cockers in our lives now for over 60 years. We love our Cockers, feeling there is nothing better than a well bred Cocker Spaniel for people to have, love and own. Which brings us to the reason why we started breeding Cockers.


Cockers in our own lives


30 Years Experience


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About Cocker Spaniels

Our Breeding Focus

No inbreeding in the family tree., The dog must be of good Health, The dog family must demonstrate the skills and physical and mental abilities for which the breed was developed. (Intelligence), The dog must demonstrate proper temperament Cockers are known for.

(The Merry Cocker-Spaniel) I must tell you we travelled high and low, we visited all types of breeding facilities, good, bad and horrible.

Embarking on a mission to ensure the future of Cockers, we stand firm against any compromise in their lineage. Our dogs embody the legacy of this breed, showcasing remarkable intelligence and skills. The commitment to their well-being echoes in every joyful wag of their tails. Join our journey, celebrating The Merry Cocker Spaniel’s legacy.”

We found our Foundation Stud Dog whose name was “Bo Mo Puppy”. A few months later we found our first girl “Molly Be Good”, Both wonderful Cockers and more than likely your new puppy will have a little bit of them in their family tree.

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