Bonus Value

We feel that it is important everyone looking for a Cocker Spaniel needs to know the difference of our Bonus Value program and others:

We call our Value Added Customer Service and Puppy Care

program the “Bonus Value © Package”.

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Bonus Value

This is the Bonus Value © Package: BVP

We start by providing your puppy with six shots opposed to one or two as commonly seen. This alone will save most at least $400.00 in vet visits.

We then provide you with a protective schedule of meds to help keep the puppy from having a upset tummy or loose stools. I know of no one that does this. again proactive care protecting your puppy.

Each Puppy comes with an extensive proactive treatment program to insure he/she is healthy. Four Treatments and four wormings using only the very best products available. (Not Cheap)

Theft prevention: Each puppy comes with a Micro Chip helping to insure your pup is returned if lost or stolen.

We provide training for owners, in areas of House Training, and other areas as maybe requested.

You will receive a copy of our book The Ear Care Manual for Cocker Spaniels. A great value and your dog will say having healthy ears is priceless. We agree..

Each Member is provided access to our private Cocker Spaniel group. You will find friends and neighbors all across America who have our puppies.

Life time Support Means there is never a time or reason not to call us if you have question or concern with your puppy.

If you do not have a vet we will help you secure vet care from a affordable clinic, and we will provide you with what things should cost, helping you to not pay more than needed.

Safety Net: If you need help or can no longer care for your dog. simply call us we will bring the pup home to live for a short while or to be rehomed if needed. Our pups are to NEVER be dumped or abandoned where they end up in a shelter. If you have a issue simply call we are here for the dogs.

We hope you understand the value we bring to the table. It is important that you have an excellent experience with our puppies and they with you for many, many years.

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