YEAGER- Black w/ White boy DOB 10/6/23 Ready 12/1/23 $800.00 Call 417-452-2781


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Yeager is a Black w/ White Cocker Spaniel boy. Yeager here is a delight to be around. He is a playful little guy, who loves to jump around in circles. Yeager is also a part of our Bonus Value Puppy® Program, which will save you tons of money at the vet. You will also get Lifetime Support from us for you and your puppy. So please make Yeager an even happier boy and take him home. He will be $800.00 plus transportation. So give us a call or simply fill out the form below. 417-452-2781. Yeager will be ready 12/1/23.

Mother “CJ’S EBONY DOLL”                    Father “PUPPYLUV’S N WILDWOODS LITTLE RASCAL” AKA Petey



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