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September 15, 2022

Dear Joe,

Just wanted to let you know our beautiful boy Bomber who we purchased from you almost 12 years ago is the love of our life. He is such a sweet, calm loving boy and we can’t thank you enough for the happiest he has brought into our life’s.

Sincerely David W

September 26, 2022

From: Diana

I wanted you to use my testimonial, as I noticed you don’t have any current ones. I have had my cocker spaniel, Baby, for almost 5 years. all of Joe’s dogs are very special. He treats them with love and kindness. He also answers any/all questions that you might have. I found Joe to be very helpful to me, as this was my first dog ever to be purchased by me. She has been a real gift to me. She is very loving, cute, and full of energy. I will always be grateful to Joe for acquiring such a precious dog. Ty, Joe xo

September 12, 2018

Just wanted to let you know that I took Hope (now known as Summer) to the vet on Monday and they were very impressed by her good health, breeding and her beauty. They confirmed that I got a great dog. My family and I had already known that though as we fell completely in love with her by Friday evening. She’s doing great and is such a joy to us. Thanks for everything.
Christina K

August 20, 2018

Tom and I just wanted to thank you again for all of the info you provided for us for our New Puppy “Rusty” AKA Rio. We made it back to Chicagoland safely about 10:00 pm last night and had my son and daughter and their fiance and girlfriend waiting to meet the Pup. He was wonderful in the car and slept most of the time. We stopped to feed him and let him out 3 times. We are amazed at how good he has been. I ordered his vitamins and shampoo and have been giving him his pills and vitamin as you directed. I let him out often as you suggested after sleeping, eating and stimulation and although he has had some accidents (no surprise there) he is catching on very quickly. Will be calling our vet tomorrow to set up his first visit. He is getting acclimated to his new surroundings, has a sweet and loving disposition, follows us everywhere and We couldn’t be happier. What a fantastic job you and your crew do and it must be the most rewarding job I can think of – Making families happy taking home a new puppy. What could be better than that.

Thank you again – We are so thrilled with this little guy, I will send pictures and let you know how he is doing from time to time.

Stay Well,

Jean and Tom

July 10, 2018

Joe & Cherri are TOP NOTCH Cocker Spaniel BREEDERS!!!

Their gorgeous, healthy, sweet little cocker spaniel puppies are absolutely wonderful pets.!!

I love my new family member, and have renamed him Sami, from what was online Kip.

He’s the joy of my life! I can’t say enough how great a dog he

Thank you for doing what you do to bring us all such wonderful healthy pets and joy to our lives!

Patti H.

Southern Oregon

October 26, 2017

Three years ago I lost my wonderful dog Lucy a beautiful brown cocker at age 17 of age. I was heart broken. I told my son I wanted another dog several months later and he found CJ Cockers online. He called and talked to Joe personally. Joe answered all our questions and had us review all puppies up for adoption . We fell in love with all of them but finally chose one. Joe took care of everything all we had to do was drive to the airport and pick her up.. She was and is adorable, we were immediately in love. I think of Joe often and keep him in my thoughts and prayers for providing me with this wonderful companion. Sophie is now 2 1/2 and I cannot think of life without her. Thank you Joe and your staff you are an amazing person. Barbara C.

October 25, 2017

My Crosley will be 4 yrs old on 10/29. He is so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Joe for providing us such wonderful Cockers to chose from! He is so lovey, friendly, loveable, He was my Christmas present and arrived from Missouri to Georgetown Texas on 12/24. You ROCK! You have helped me out many times over these past 4 yrs. with any problems or questions I have had. I don’t know of any one else that will help us out after the sale! You treat all of your Cockers as family for life! God Bless you, Heather and your wife!


October 18, 2017

Our sweet little princess Bella, cuddling with it!!! Prettiest female Cocker Spaniel ever!! 10-17-17 I love her dark nose and eyes!! She looks just like Lady from Lady and the tramp.

Joe , thank you for the very best pups ever.. Bella (aka Kaley) is so petite and proper..she sits while she eats..

October 13, 2017

I wanted to write to you and thank you. Our Cocker Spaniel is everything you promised. We named her Elyse Chantel. She was a birthday present from my husband who happened to be born on my birthday! This little girl is 2 years old now and she smiles all the time and rarely leaves my side.
She was getting alittle plump and I came up with the perfect solution, this girl loves to go outside and play bubbles. Crayola makes colored bubble solutions. About 3-4 times a day, I blow bubbles preferably with a breeze, and she’ll jump 5 feet into the air to bite the bubbles. The stronger the breeze, the faster she’ll run. The pounds just melted away.
From the day we got her, our Vet commented on how calm she was. She has had no health problems except a little ear irritation and that was our fault for missing her ear drop schedule. She loves baths, she’ll race you to the bathroom and be waiting in the tub.
She is very intelligent with a dash of stubborn and is a hoot, she’ll do anything for freeze-dried dried liver or chicken bites. If you drop anything, she’ll swoop in so fast to retrieve it for you to get a reward. She loves car rides, especially with the top down (she has got her own little harness and seat belt). She goes everywhere with us.
From the day we brought her home, she has never made a mess in the house. We got a foot pedal/doorbell system for her to be able to communicate when she needed to go outside, it took showing her once how it worked, for her to pick up the connection between stepping on a button to someone coming to open the door.
Thank-you again for a companion who is everything and more than promised.
Teresa and Mike C

August 12,2014

Dear Mr. Joe

Mrs. Darline B. asked me to send you results of the exam we did yesterday on her new puppy which she purchased from you, ID# 2014256. The puppy was healthy (no medical problems found), very well behaved, and no congenital defects were found. He was a joy to see and his owner is very thrilled with him.
Dr. Lisa Bright
Happy Tails Pet Clinic
13395 S. Hwy 25
Ocklawaha, FL 32179

May 20, 2014

Joe! Just a quick note on Dudley. He is almost a year old. we love him so much. very good dog. easy to train. very loving. great companion. fun to have. travels very well. highly recommend your dogs. Thanks very much. Jack & Judy P,

January 20, 2014

My husband and I bought a puppy from you 3 1/2 years ago…..She is the most wonderful sweet, intelligent Babygirl. We love her very much… She is a bit spoiled…. but SHE is our baby. She is a tricolor you named Paula, from Saddleback Sally. She astounds us daily at how smart she is her vocabulary is great! She does pee when she gets excited but no problems we now have wood flooring….

I don’t have any dog questions for you…..I just see on the news that Missouri is having terrible weather situations and I think of you.

You spent time soothing my uncertainties about adopting out of state ( WE are in California) without seeing her first. SOOOOO I just wanted to thank you and wish you well from us I cannot imagine snow and freezing temps….yikes! Please know that you are still thought of and with warmest regards.

We renamed Paula… She is our Patches….She is beautiful and so smart and has made our lives richer.



December 21, 2013

My beauticful Shelby Jean I got from you about 6 years ago. She is such a gem. She is such a lover. I will never forget the day she flew into BWI with her brother that was going to a school as a service dog. She was so small but she certainly has grown up to beautiful dog. We love her very much.

I don’t know how many people update you on your dogs but wanted you to know she is a very happy dog that runs the house.


Susan B.

July 11, 2013

About a year and a half ago, I purchased Xander from you (he now goes by Fitz) and I just wanted to update you on how WONDERFUL he is. He is the sweetest, most playful pup I’ve ever had. Anytime I take him to doggy daycare I get rave reviews about how amazing he is and how wonderful he is around all the other dogs. The phrase most often used to describe him is “social butterfly”. He snuggles in bed with me every night, and snuggles with his beloved stuffed skunk while I’m away. Couldn’t have asked for a better dog, and wanted to thank you again.

— D. Stafford

June 28th 2013

Dear Joe,

I just want to thank you again for the two wonderful little pups we just got from you. They’re full of fun and just so amazingly loving!! We still can’t believe our good fortune in finding your website that night. We had pretty much given up hope of finding a breeder with available pups this year and never dreamed of finding a dog on the Internet, let alone 2 dogs!!! Echo and Electra (now Tripp and Mya) have doubled in size already and are beginning to settle into their new home in New Jersey. We love spoiling them both and have already started a puppy scrapbook.

You’ve made us believers that there really are good folks on the Internet who want the best for their pups and the people who purchase them. Thanks again so very much for all the time you took with us. You always answered every call and every question, no matter what. We keep sending folks to your website and bragging about our amazing good fortune. Thanks for bringing so much love into our lives!!!

All the best, Joe!

Leslie & Richard

May 14, 2013

Hi Joe, I just wanted to take a minute and express appreciation. I’m Cindy from Salt Lake City and I purchased Butch (aka Hershey). In 30 years of owning cockers, he is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best one. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, he has a fabulous temperament. All I can say is HOLY COW! We attract a crowd wherever we go!! He sleeps with me and lays his head on my neck and snuggles all night long. I adore him!!

Lastly, it’s hard to trust anyone these days and you were everything your website said you were. Thank you so much for bringing me such joy. I’ve already referred people to your website! Please use me as a reference anytime!

Cindy Christensen

Magna, UT

October 1, 2012

Just want to update you on Blackie. What a great pup! Blackie is settled in real well, is very healthy and smart.

He eats good and is learning to go outside to potty. Blackie is well behaved and has a nice personality.

Our little boy loves his new pup very much and is active in the dogs training. Blackie is going to be just fine and

has a good home with us! Thanks Joe for a wonderful dog!

God Bless

March 31,2012

I wanted to add my experience with Joe and Cherrie as well. I received my Neala (aka Chrissy Miss Priss) in April 2009. She was so cute and sweet. She has been in good health the entire time we’ve had her. She’s so protective of me and loves to cuddle and chase tennis balls. When it’s time to get another dog I will be getting on their website to pick out a new pup and calling Joe first. I receive lots of compliments on my dog and I always tell them where I got her. I hope that Joe is in business for another 20 years. I love that he is always available for advise and suggestions anytime any of his owners need him.

Michelle J.

March 30, 2012

I purchased my Beautiful Chocolate Cocker Olivia Grace from Joe and Cheri around 2 years ago. She is a beautiful and loving little girl. I was very impressed with the C&J Cocker facility. They have wonderful yards for running and exercise, it is a well run clean facility. Joe is a breeder who truly cares about what happens to his pups. His online and personal support is never ending and a wonderful source of information for all needs regardless of what they are. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great cocker spaniel pup to go to C&J Cockers and no where else.
Debra H, Owner of Olivia Grace (former Barbie)

Lovin Life in Christ!

Joe, I just want to say how thrilled I am with Jeter. He is so well behaved; smart and loving. I’ve had many a dog in my life, but nothing like Jeter. My vet also remarked about his good health and wonderful temperament. If he’s an example of your breed line, you can be very proud.

I’ve been so tempted to call for a sibling for him, but three dogs has always been my maximum. I know where to come when the time comes for another.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Carolyn

I have one of Joe and Cherri’s dog’s there are no word’s to tell you how I feel about my Chloe I love her to death. She is so pretty she just turned 4 in Nov. She is by far the best animal I could ever ever imagine to have. She is the sweetest -friendliest dog ever. Everyone just love’s Chloe She love’s like a Queen here. The best of everything. She is our Joy if your ever want a great Pet buy a Cocker from Joe and Cherri I am so happy I wish I could afford another one. Everything he said is true about his Dog’s Thank you Joe and Cherri

Chris Witkowski and Family

“Good afternoon: About one year ago you sold us a puppy named Trooper. He now he answers to the name Nugget. What a guy he turned out to be. He’s taken over our home and our hearts. What a blessing for our family.”

The May family

“I’ve been thrilled right from the beginning with my dealings with Joe and Cherri. The first time I talked to Joe on the phone, I felt so comfortable with our conversation, that I remember telling my boyfriend, I don’t care what I have to do, I want to get my puppy from him. ….. My puppy came through the whole travel process beautifully. (I live in Buffalo, NY) Joe wanted me to call when I got her to let him know everything was OK, and, of course, I was so busy playing with her, I forgot. Sure enough, he called me that night to make sure she came through all right, that the airline people were good to deal with, et cet. I was very impressed that he took the time to do that when it was really my responsibility……I love my beautiful little girl. She’s got a wonderful temperament and loves to be around me all the time……Thanks, Joe and Cherri, for this true joy in my life. As her occasional daycare people say, she’s non-stop wiggle!!”

Vicki – Amherst NY

“Joe, We have had Mowgli for one year and he is such a joy. We get comments all the time from pet store owners, groomers and veterinarians about how content and happy he is and what a wonderful disposition he has. He makes us so proud. We love the fact that we can still check in from time to time with you and Cherri to ask questions about food and health care. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have such a great little guy join our family.”

Rochelle – Carnation, WA

“We got our gorgeous black cocker spaniel a year and a half ago. We have never had a puppy but loving cocker spaniels like we do, we had heard good things about C & J and thought we’d check them out. Carnegie has blossomed into a wonderful dog. He is smart and playful and gets along with our other two adult cocker spaniels (finally). Thank you Joe, for your constant moral support during our early puppy months. Carnegie is now a wonderful addition to our family and we adore him.

Bari & Jim – Los Angeles, CA

“Buffy is now 6 months old and is just a precious angel. Both my wife and I just love her to pieces. Thank you so much for the beautiful puppy”

Lou & Debbie – Cincinnati, OH

“Dear Friends: Just wanted to let you know how Sandy is doing. She is eating well and growing. The house- breaking is coming along, too. She is just a little lover girl who loves to cuddle with me on the couch in front of the TV every evening. She loves to run around the yard and chases anything that moves. She also likes to chew on my slacks and socks–while I’m wearing them. She has put on weight and stretching out. She has chew toys laying around but keeps attacking my ankles or hands if we’re sitting down. I have to put her in her carrier when she gets over active. She doesn’t mind it, in fact she enters it during the day when she’s ready for a nap. But she is awfully cute, and anybody that meets her thinks she is really special. She’s been checked by my vet and everything is fine.”Dorothy – Chicago, IL

“Cosmo is doing fantastic!! He is probably the most loved, hugged, kissed, spoiled baby cocker there ever was. We are so thankful to you!! Cosmo has brought a lot of smiles to our home. Take care! And many, many thanks from Cincinnati!!”

Nancy – Cincinnati, OH

“Just a note to let you know that “Lady Britney” is having the time of her life. She has managed to train us in just one week. Brings back memories of when we raised our children. Up every 2 hours and little sleep. Oh well that is part of the fun in raising a puppy. She has gotten better the last 2 nights. She is sleeping 4 to 5 hours now with out wanting to go outside. Not bad for a 10 week old puppy. She did have one night on Thurs when she sleep 6 hours. ….. Any way she is a lot of fun and she does generate a lot of interest from our neighbors. They, like us think she is special. We can tell you for sure that she is smart. She responds to everything around her. Great hearing and sight. ….. She does know how to fetch up a tennis ball and retrieve it back to me. That is unbelievable. She has gotten totally use to her cage and play pen. She does like to sleep a lot but that is puppy. All her poop has been outside on the lawn except one accident inside. Our mistake early last week. We have gotten better in watching her moves and little noises. ….. Thanks again.”

Bob & Betty – California

“Abby is so smart …..I just love her so much she is so smart and tries to please me in so many ways…she curls up on my lap, watches the television and falls fast asleep.”


“Thank you so much for this little bundle of fluff. I know you’ve got to be busy with all those cute puppies …..I wouldn’t be able to get anything done because I’d be lovin’ on them constantly. Thank God Hudson is a snuggler or he’d hate me.



Kobi at Home Louisville Kentucky